Woven Fiberglass Tape

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Woven Fiberglass Tape

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This fiberglass tape is manufactured under the highest manufacturing standards utilizing high quality, electrical grade, continuous filament fiberglass yarns which have been twisted and plied. The construction is commonly referred to as medium weave. These tapes are unfinished to allow maximum wet out. Saylor glass tapes are manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility.

Saylor fiberglass tape has been tested by Eltek International, a leading independent test facility servicing the electrical insulation industry, and performed as well or better than many competitive products for resin absorption and retention.

Saylor tapes are primarily used in electrical applications as coil wraps, insulation, mechanical reinforcements and other applications requiring high heat resistance. Saylor glass tapes retain 50% of their tensile strength at 340°C. All Saylor tapes can be manufactured with a center reference line. Special constructions and widths are available by request. Standard put up is 72 yards for .004” thickness and 36 yards for all other sizes. Other put ups available.

We offer the following treatments for our Saylor fiberglass tapes: 

  • ET- Fiberglas tape edges have been treated with a resin to eliminate fraying and loose fibers.
  • FIN111- Fiberglass tape has been heat treated to remove yarn sizing. Heat treatment improves varnish impregnation and eliminates fraying.
  • WS- Fiberglass tape has been weave set. This process eliminates loose fibers and fraying. Weave set produces a fiberglass tape that is yellow in color.

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