Protective Wire Loom

Braided Loom Wire Harness Protection

The Saylor Loom is woven from PET yarns and filled with a PET Monofilament, making our braided loom one of the industry’s top products. The Saylor Loom is a mesh wire loom wrap that self-closes around a group of cables, wires or cords. The semi-rigid braiding is stretchy and springy, and is flexible enough to bend to a tight radius without distorting or splitting open.

Applications in which the Saylor Loom can be used include:

  • Wire Harness Protection
  • Fuel Lines
  • Battery Cables
  • Slit LOOM
  • Indicator Protection
  • Control Rods
  • Vacuum Lines

The woven wire loom is soft and quiet in high vibration environments. The wire harness is more flexible than the slit loom and more durable than spiral wraps. The material of the Saylor loom allows wires to be pulled out or new ones inserted repeatedly if necessary. Unlike the rigid slit loom, Saylor’s wire harness will not impair or affect the flexibility of the wires and our Saylor Loom will retain its shape and rigidity up to 150° C (302° F).

Properties of the Saylor Loom:

  • Shock Absorbent
  • Oil and Fuel Resistant
  • Completely Flexible
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Sound Absorbent
  • Fire and Water Resistant
  • Impervious to Hostile Environment
  • Crush resistant

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