How Can You Use SayFuse?

This week’s product spotlight! How can you use SayFuse?

SayFuse Silicone Rubber Tape

Here at Saylor, we understand the importance of durability and reliability. Our SayFuse Silicone Rubber Tape is no exception.

SayFuse Silicone Rubber Tape is a must-have for industries in which there must be durability and toughness with no mistakes. SayFuse is made from the highest quality, high performance silicone rubber and is the best choice when a tough, durable and resilient, void-free insulation is required.

From aerospace and military, to the race track or a weekend ride, when building harnesses for industries in which there can be no uncertainty, SayFuse Silicone Rubber Tape is the product you can count on.

Not only is it a durable and reliable product, but it’s a versatile product as well. The triangular shape of the tape allows it to wrap uniformly over a variety of shapes and textures, and it’s both self-adhering and self-fusing. Additionally, the tape is uncompromised in both high and low temperatures.

SayFuse Silicone Rubber Tape meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL CID-A-A-59163, Type I, Rectangular; and Type II, Triangular Guide Line. The temperature range for continuous use is -60°C (-76˚F) to 200°C (392˚F) and for intermittent use is -65°C (-85˚F) to 260°C (500˚F).

Multiple thicknesses and widths are available.

SayFuse Silicone Rubber Tape can be purchased in the following colors: black, red/orange, and grey.

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