Braided Monofilament Sleeving

Are you in the market for a new UL Approved Sleeving Supplier? Contact Saylor Technical Products. At Saylor, we have been manufacturing expandable sleeving for various industries since 1901. Since the early 1900’s, we have grown tremendously and diversified our products’ applications. We now offer braided sleeving products to numerous diverse industries such automotive and electrical with a broad product acceptance in many vehicles and heavy equipment manufacturers today.

Our braided monofilament sleeving is resistant to chafing, abrasion, cut-through, flexure fatigue and heat degradation, making it perfect for the automotive and electrical industries. Our braided or monofilament conduit is advantageous over plastic and metal in many ways – it will not cut hands or wires and will not break or chip, yet it is extremely flexible, conforming and forgiving. SayFlex sleeving from Saylor Technical Products also provides the features below:

Saylor Technical Products also provides the features below:

  • Approved for extreme temperatures – from -70°C through 125°C (-94°F through 257°F). Our expanding sleeve will even tolerate short-term exposure up to 230°C (466°F).
  • Stretches and contracts to accommodate irregular shapes and sizes. A singe sleeve can stretch to encase bundles up to three items the size of its own internal diameter, simplifying cord organization.
  • The open braid construction allows for ventilation, preventing the trapping of heat or moisture. This makes the SayFlex sleeve resistant to fungus.
  • With braid sleeving, the product can be fleced repeatedly without losing its physical properties, making it one of the easiest products to work with.

These features often mean greater efficiency and lower labor costs. Call Saylor Technical Products to learn more about the benefits you’ll receive by switching your insulation sleeve provider. Call (419) 832-2125 or click here to start the conversation. We are more than happy to answer any of your expandable sleeving questions.