Saylor Acquires Saunders Thread Company

SAYLOR TECHNICAL PRODUCTS is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Wire and Cable Division of SAUNDERS THREAD COMPANY of Gastonia, NC.

“Saunders Thread has been supplying the wire and cable industry for over 50 years. Acquiring the products and equipment of Saunders Thread will provide SAYLOR TECHNICAL the know how and ability to supply high quality, quick turnaround, and highest levels of service of textiles into the wire and cable market. Charles Saunders built a business based on his vast knowledge and ability to service his customers – Saylor looks to build upon that history and grow our business through our products, our service, and our 100% focus on customer demands.”

Wes Forbus, General Manager of Saunders Thread and Doug Mueller, General Manager of Saylor, will coordinate the transition of the business. Greg Zuber (, Sales Manager of Saylor, and Penny Measel (, Lead Customer Service Representative of Saylor, will provide the detailed Saylor Technical sales and service required of all Saunders Threads’ Wire and Cable customers.

This acquisition will complete before the end of the March 2021.